The National Principals’ Forum (NPF) is an entirely voluntary, registered grassroots lobby group of over 1,200 practicing Primary School Principal Teachers, established in May 2018. We are seeking to work with the Minister for Education, Management Bodies and Representative Bodies to affect urgent changes needed to sustain us in our roles as school leaders.

Submission to Joint Oireachtas Committee

The NPF made a submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee in August 2018. It highlighted challenges to the dual role of the Teaching Principal.

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This is How Bad Things Are

The first results of the NPF's survey on principal workload completed by 1,166 primary school principals.

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One Year On

A year later we checked in with principals to see had anything changed in relation to their workload after the NPF had directly asked stakeholders for intervention.

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The Inclusion Illusion

The NPF decided to explore the theme of Special Education Provision with principals. Almost 1,000 principals responded to the survey which has been passed on to stakeholders.

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