Circular 36/2020 Recruitment of SNAs

This circular is of interest to anyone that will gain any hours for SNAs. Basically, if one has SNAs on part time hours, the school must offer the hours to make up a full-time post for the SNAs. This closes a loophole where a school may have been awarded a number of posts and they could have been divided up any which way.

For example, a school might have been offered 6 posts:

  • School A might have offered 6 full time SNA posts
  • School B might have offered 12 0.5 SNA posts (16 hours each)
  • School C might have offered some other derivation

While this makes a lot of sense, it does have a flaw. How does a school deal with infant hours (0.83 posts)? This may only be a transitionary issue as we move to the frontloading model but it is an issue. Many schools may not have any work for SNAs if much of their pupils are infants.

The full circular can be viewed here:

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